Friday, February 29, 2008

Ode to Martin

Our Luminary, which art momentarily in San Francisco
Google ranked #1 be thy Name
Thy Crested Butte come
Thy will be done, in IT dept as it is in your Signature Series
Give us this day our daily IMAP
And forgive us our groupware, as we forgive them that groupware against us
And lead us not into Microsoft
But deliver us from IBM
For thine is the blog, and the patterns, and the books, for ever and ever. Addison-Wesley.

Not my favorite email client

Welcome blog readers.  I'll chat about various things, but Lotus Notes may figure a lot.  Today, I'd like to praise the dialog that pops up a month too early, but every time I start Goats.  Yes, IBM, I will change my password. Perhaps nearer the time though. I have already watched it pop up for the last 20 days, and I have a few more to go until I am forced to choose another password.  So please, a round of applause for the premature change-your-password dialog :

Great work IBM.  May you continue to lock in and demoralize your customers for ever.