Thursday, March 20, 2008

Announcing the first International "Lotus Notes Hater Day" day: May 13, 2008

We have only just started planning this, and are at the ideas stage only. We'll blog later when plans are firmer. Put it in your diary though: May 13, 2008.

For now though, we are imaging at the very least everyone refusing to use Lotus Notes for the entire day. This could mean taking the day off and setting a filter to delete all email that is incoming for the day. Or (for the chickens amongst you) you could set an auto responder (out of office thingy) that suggests you are "not answering Lotus Notes email today as it is International Notes Hater day". 

Other things you could do are go wild with expenses (massages, grog, gambling) and send a greeting card with the expense claim folded inside.  Perhaps also an inscription - "you stiff me with Notes, I'll stiff you with expenses" for the greeting card.

At the very least, make sure you greet him/her with "Get rid of Notes you A**hole" when you get the chance. If you're chicken, do it with a smaller posse of disgruntled go-workers:

If the boss takes the day off in anticipation, then feel free to do it all on the next day he/she is in the office.