Sunday, March 16, 2008

Welcome to the revolution!

OK, there's a new regime in charge of the blog now. The old fools who liked Lotus Notes are gone, and frankly good riddance to those hijackers.

We are many, and are now dedicated to the elimination of the piece of software worldwide and the liberations of millions of corporate employees worldwide who have lost hope and are utterly trapped in miserable existences. 

There will be a program of events lined up this year to protest Lotus Notes on the streets in multiple countries and to demand that Governments of the world help in the vanquishing of this beast.  Have hope comrades, there are technologies for email and groupware more suitable for purpose and actually pleasant to use out there . . . we will free you, as many have been freed before.
Stand by to rise up and protest.  This blog will coordinate actions against the evil corporate overlords that force us to Notes.

The revolution is happening this year!!!