Sunday, March 9, 2008

Random password reentry - why?

A lesser know AI feature of Goats is the random lock of the window, and request for reentry of password.  Many might confuse this with a bug, as it can happen while a person is actually typing something. It is, to be sure, a different paradigm to the established practice of locking the screen when user has not been typing for some time. The Goats way though is best practice. It is obvious really, as a beast utterly impervious to attackers, it is constantly vigilant to stray neutrinos and their ability to see what is being typed.  Only the seemingly random window lock (and password dialog above) is what thwarts these little suckers. 

Good work IBM.

[ people perhaps noted with my earlier note that I am trying a more positive style to the last guy, this one hopefully continues that trend.  Nested Form Events is hopefully just the fist of many ]