Thursday, March 20, 2008

Notes Lovers moving against us!!

Right we are hearing rumblings.  It seems that Notes Lovers (shameless bunch of cowards) are organizing to to defeat 1st Intl Notes Haters day on May 13.  Not only are they planning counter measures for the day itself, but also planning a campaign of FUD around Lotus Notes.  Our spies tell us that T-Shirts are being commissioned, and professional spin doctors are being positioned at water coolers throughout the US to whisper things like "isn't Notes great" and smile at people.

As if those depraved tactics were not enough, we also understand that their rear-guard action is to announce that Notes will be got rid of in the multiple companies taking part, but sufficiently far ahead to require no action now.  Moreover the whole point of this statement is to diffuse dissent against the oppressive product.  The history of freedom struggles has shown over and over that political action can be negated in this way as many give up the freedom struggle as they equate a statement to deliverable.

These people are SCUM - do not listen to their hollow promises!!  Only when the bloated Notes servers are push out the windows of office blocks world wide, and smash onto the sidewalk of history will we believe it - fight to the bitter end!!!