Monday, March 10, 2008

Goats' Quality level 8 and the idiomcy of Google.

Goats is pretty secure. Everyone knows that right? I challenge anyone to disprove this.  

Proof for me is in the above dialog.  I'm not sure I know of any products out there that use Quality Levels greater than 8, while there are many that use Quality levels 1 to 7.  Eight is better by the way, than 1 through 7, though not as good as 9 or above (if they exist at all).

Google (pretenders to the throne of enterprise email) have a laughable password strength detector. Here are some pictures...

The gall of Google wanting to coin new idioms for password strength ("Too Short", "Fair", "Strong") when industry standard ones (Strength levels 1 thru 8 or higher) prevail, is limitless.  They undoing though is when I type in the first generated Goats offering - XmXXfvt to the Google password field and suggests it is too short:

Do they have no shame?  IT WAS QUALITY LEVEL EIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!